Namrata Pandit

 I am Namrata Pandit, a science educator at Yuwa and a freelance science communicator. I want to make science accessible to the masses and chose sci-comm and education as the tools to do that.

Communicating science is essential because it enables people to make informed choices in their daily lives. From the perils of self-medication to the wonders of vaccination, being informed makes a huge difference. I want to create a space for people to explore their curiosity in the sciences. I want to provide updates on the —what, when, where, why, and how of the science world. I hope to make people aware of the impact and influence science has in their lives. Communicating science creates a culture where people learn to appreciate facts over myths, reject misinformation, and question things before accepting their validity.

I enjoy science communication because it lets me engage with everything in science. I love learning different things and sharing stories about them with people.

I believe science is political. People can expect my articles to make them examine their bias and see the truth for themselves. I like writing about the underrated representation of people in science, history of science, biodiversity, the origin of life, microbes, and cool molecules to narrow it down.

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