Apoorva Mittal

What do you study and where?

B.tech Biotechnology at VIT University

How was your experience attending NGS Internship Program?

The program was very supportive and I had a great learning experience in research from this support. This indeed is a great initiative to motivate research in India.

Who was your PI and what was your host institute?

Dr. Jagan Mohan Reddy at L V Prasad Eye Institute

What was your Internship project work?

I mainly worked on polishing my lab skills mostly focusing on molecular biology and genetic engineering related experiments

How did you enjoy working on the Internship Project?

I gained knowledge and also learned the daily workings of a lab and how to go about a project or research topic

Would you recommend your fellow students to apply to NGS Internship Program?

I would definitely ask my fellow colleagues and friends to apply for the NGS Internship Program

Any other comments/observations/suggestions you would like to share?

I appreciate the efforts put by the whole team at NGSF to make this opportunity available to students who need it. Kudos!

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