Burhanuddin Sabuwala

What do you study and where?

Biological Engineering, IIT Madras

How was your experience attending NGS Internship Program?

It was an amazing experience. During the internship, I got a lot of exposure on the current science in cancer as well as systems and synthetic biology. The project that I worked on would be really helpful for my further studies.

Who was your PI and what was your host institute?

Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly, IISc Bangalore

What was your Internship project work?

I was working on phenotypic plasticity of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transitions in the context of Cancer Metastasis. We characterized the role of various network topological features and how it could influence the multistability of the network (or the plasticity of the cell)

How did you enjoy working on the Internship Project?

I enjoyed my work. I met some undergraduates there who also shared similar interests as me. We used to have lots of post office hours discussions on networks, diseases, Systems biology, Cancer Immune Interactions, etc. I learned most of my immunology there.

Apart from that, my PI was really helpful and friendly as well. I learned a lot during the period. Also, I had several lab treats as well.

How was the city you moved in? Did you face any issue?

I was in Bangalore during the period. People are really friendly and ready to help. I had an ankle sprain during the initial part of my internship, yet everyone was very accommodating and very helpful that ensured speedy and comfortable recovery. Especially, from my Lab, PG, and of course BSSE at IISc.

Would you recommend your fellow students to apply to NGS Internship Program?

Yes, I have recommended to program to my juniors.

Any other comments/observations/suggestions you would like to share?

Thank you so much for providing me this great opportunity. This has inspired me a lot and when I start earning, I will also try to contribute to the foundation.

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