Kratika Mujmer

What do you study and where?

M.Sc. Cognitive Science, IIT Gandhinagar

How was your experience attending NGS Internship Program?

It was an amazing learning experience and helped me get a clearer idea of what I’d like to pursue in my future research or studies.

Who was your PI and what was your host institute?

Prof. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy, IIT Madras

What was your Internship project work?

Building an integrated Astrocyte-Neuron-Vessel biophysical model to study the astrocytic metabolic support towards SNc neurons.

How did you enjoy working on the Internship Project?

It was a really fun experience working on something I had always wanted to try. Since I had no prior computational background, it was a steep learning curve but my mentors as well as lab members helped me a lot in getting around it.

How was the city you moved in? Did you face any issue ?

Chennai was great and the people were really helpful. The only problem was the water-scarcity which was severe around Velachery area where I was living.

Would you recommend your fellow students to apply to NGS Internship Program?

I would surely recommend students to apply to NGS Internship program.

Any other comments/observations/suggestions you would like to share?

It is a great initiative to encourage students wanting to pursue research. The approach of selecting interns based on the Skype interview rather than selecting on the basis of just marks, that other fellowship organizations do, is really great. The concept of article writing instead of the conventional report submission is also very interesting.

Kratika along with the members of the lab she interned with

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