Maneshwar Dixit

What do you study and where?

M.Sc. Biochemistry in University of Delhi South Campus

How was your experience attending NGS Internship Program?

It was a very good experience in context with learning the things and expressing that with report writing, which was an integral part of internship. Apart from this, it was also helpful to receive financial assistance during the internship period.

Who was your PI and what was your host institute?

Dr. Souvik Bhattacharjee was my PI and Special Centre for Molecular Medicine in Jawaharlal Nehru University was the host.

What was your Internship project work?

Lab works on “Artemisinin resistant Malaria” and I was directed to get the basic understandings of the disease and a protein characterization so that I can learn and practice several techniques needed for the research.

How did you enjoy working on the Internship Project?

Everyday there was something new for me, learning techniques and applying them was fun with getting knowledge. I enjoyed troubleshooting whenever I got something different from the desired result. Since malaria is a topic of my interest too, it gave me deep satisfaction reading and understanding the disease with every dimension, questioning the PhD scholars and PI and suggesting them with some new ideas.

Would you recommend your fellow students to apply to NGS Internship Program?

Indeed!! In fact, I have already told to all my juniors to apply for this program. This program can teach them a number of things starting from how to write a research proposal to writing one’s work as report and then writing a blog article of whatever one thinks need to be circulated among the society.

Any other comments/observations/suggestions you would like to share?

I also want to work with this foundation and will help in terms of fund too whenever I’ll be capable of.

Maneshwar along with the members of the lab he interned with
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