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The NxG Science Communicator

Ease of accessibility to scientific news articles, podcasts, and social media posts that cater to individuals of all age ranges, has helped increase scientific awareness among the general public. However, this onslaught of information comes at a cost. Research findings can easily be extrapolated to create sensational news, thereby compromising on scientific validity. We, at NGSF, strongly believe that researchers share the responsibility in knowing how to tailor their presentation skills depending on the target audience. To work toward this, we are launching an essay writing competition to find the Next Gen Science Communicator.


“Trace the advances made in tackling a scientific issue and how you envision the progress going forward.”


Applicants must be pursuing a Life Science degree (Up to the graduate level). 


  • The essay can follow any writing structure. Please cite all references. 
  • Word count should not exceed 1000 words. 
  • Submissions should me made through our blog submission portal

The Award

The best five essays that are simple, engaging and scientifically sound will be published in our blog. Among the published essays we plan to award a cash prize of INR 5000 to two essays-one chosen by the NGSF Team and the other based on the number of readership views over a two-month period (Both decisions are made independently. Therefore chance of INR 10000 for the best essay). Publishing essays in our blog has helped authors gain a wide readership. Less than a year since its inception, our website has had 22,000 views from 74 different countries.

Deadline Dates:


Publishing on the blog: March 30 to May 3 , 2020

Announcement of Winners: May 4, 2020

Check out this year’s essays!

  1. The Resolution of Revolutions by Sukanya Chakraborty
  2. Biochar by Sulibhavi Suvarna
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease – A Scientific and Public Issue by Charvi Sharma
  4. The Golden Road to CRISPR/Cas9 From the Enigmatic Sequence in E. Coli to Human Genome Editing by Sonali Pal
  5. The Tale of a Rare Genetic Disease – A Scientific Jaunt by Shakunthala Natarajan

This year’s winners

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