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Application Guidelines


All registration for the internship program should be done through the online application system (Open between December 1 and March 31).

Before you start your application, please join the Indian Life Science Network. This is a Discord server geared towards connecting life science researchers throughout the country to exchange information and provide assistance. As an applicant to the internship program, this provides a great networking opportunity for up and coming researchers.

During the sign up, you will use parts of your Discord username as your application ID. In the example below, the application ID would be Nex7823 (first three letters of the name and the 4 digit number at the end). You will get your own unique name number combination upon signing up and joining the network on Discord.

If you have any queries regarding this, get help by writing to

In addition to this, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Scanned university transcripts (as a PDF)
  • Acceptance letter from PI (fillable form available in the Forms section)
  • Contact details of at least one referee (A maximum of two references are allowed)
  • Curriculum vitae (as a PDF; maximum of 2 pages allowed)
  • Research Proposal

The online application system has one application form.

All applicant details (including transcripts, acceptance letter, referee details, research proposal and CV) will be collected in this form. For research proposal guidelines, click here.

You must keep all documents ready before starting the application process, since progress cannot be saved in between.

Timelines of events:

December 2022 to March 2023 Internship Application Period
April 2023 Interview of Shortlisted Candidates and announcement of final results
May to July 2023 Internship Period
August 2023 NGS Interns Webinar

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