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2022 Interns

Udisha B., NIMHANS, Bangalore
“The overall experience was quite enriching. I learnt about Neurodegeneration and Parkinson’s Disease along with some basics of Neuroanatomy. Overall, I will forever cherish my first ever internship- the NGSF internship!”

Shabnam C., NCBS, Bangalore
“It was a really great experience. In the growing academic culture of unpaid internships I’m quite grateful for the financial support offered by the fellowship which gave me the freedom to pursue research work during the course of my summer and gain some very valuable experience.”

Kunjulakshmi R., IIT, Hyderabad
“The internship was an ice-breaker to research before my MS Thesis and helped in familiarizing with the work environment of a lab. I enjoyed writing the NGSF blog article as a part of soft skill development. The background reading for the project helped me in getting into some interesting discussions”

Ayan M., ECSF, Kolkata
“I enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. This will help me in my future research work. The program is an excellent effort to assist students who desire to do research in the future.”

Shaurya G., IISc Bangalore
“There are no programs in India that lets a student bring in their own funding to a lab of their choice and this provides a LOT of freedom to choose a lab that one is actually interested in.”

Kartik T., IIT Gandhinagar
“The opportunity that NGSF provides is one of a kind. As an undergraduate student, to be able to work on a complete research project at some of the finest and most well equipped labs across the country can be life changing.”

2019 Interns

Kratika M., IIT Madras
“It was an amazing learning experience and helped me get a clearer idea of what I’d like to pursue my future research or studies in.”

Apoorva M., LVPEI Hyderabad
“The program was very supportive. I had a fulfilling learning experience in molecular biology and genetic engineering. This is indeed a great initiative to motivate research in India”

Maneshwar D., JNU Delhi
“It was a very good learning experience. Everyday there was something new for me. Learning techniques and applying them was fun.”

Burhanuddin S., IISc Bangalore
“It was an amazing experience. During the internship, I got a lot of exposure on the current science in cancer as well as systems and synthetic biology. The project I worked on would be really helpful for my future studies.”

Note: Institute where the internship was carried out is indicated after the intern’s name.