The progress of science through the years has been exciting! Countless scientists have uncovered numerous secrets of how our surroundings and the universe we live in, work. However, these findings are merely drops in a mighty ocean that await the insight and contributions of the next generation of researchers. Globalization has opened opportunities for people from developing countries like India to pursue careers in some of the best research establishments in the world. Collaborative efforts with such establishments and returning scientists have started to drive the progress of Indian research. Our aim is to stoke this fire of scientific advancement further by giving young Indians the edge in today’s fiercely competitive world. By introducing the youth to cutting-edge science, we will assist them in finding areas of research they are most passionate about and help them understand the realities and challenges associated with undertaking scientific endeavors as early as possible.

Our first initiative – NGS Internship Program

   Taking the first steps as a researcher can be very daunting for any student. Given the cut-throat competition, independent research experience has become one of the most important factors in making recruitment-related decisions. Such experiences usually begin with summer internships or thesis work. A major deterrent for students looking to undertake internships is the financial burden associated with moving to and living in cities with premier research institutions. There is also a general reluctance among faculty to take on paid interns owing to tight laboratory budgets. The NGS Internship Program has been designed to help alleviate this problem by financially assisting young Indian students looking to pursue some of their first research projects.

NGS Blog

  This platform is for science enthusiasts who would like to discuss their views on important issues in the field of biology or create awareness about a new technique/tool/research finding. We also welcome seasoned scientists to share their career experience and advice so that the next generation of researchers are more effectively equipped to not only tackle unanswered questions in their field but also the hurdles of academia. Interested in submitting a blog post? Send us your original posts/articles using the upload form found below. Articles must be no longer than 1000 words and in .docx format. Visit our blog to read exciting articles published bimonthly.

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It’s All About Giving Back

   The Next Gen Scientists Foundation plans to execute all activities, present and future with funds from generous donors. Currently, all donations come from a growing network of Indian scientists across the globe who are interested in helping raise the next crop of passionate Indian researchers.  We hope to create a positive environment wherein the beneficiaries of our initiatives would join the network and help realize the mission of our foundation. Ultimately, we plan to utilize this network to create a platform to promote scientific knowledge amongst the general populace. Interested in joining us? You can also fuel our efforts by donating here.