What can you as an individual do to take Indian science one step ahead?

Join NGSF as a member

NGSF membership is designed to capture a day’s salary and time of an individual to build systems that benefit the lives of researchers, aspiring researchers, and science communicators in the field of life sciences. Presently membership fees are the only source of funding for all our activities. The money collected is used to fund the internship/dissertation program, NxG science communicator competition, the authors program, and all the basic costs associated with maintaining an organization. As a NGSF member, you will primarily help us evaluate internship program applicants and essays competition entries. Additionally, you can organize events in the Indian Life Science Network, guide NGS authors and lead volunteers to meet the goals of NGSF.
We are largely looking forward to adding present-day researchers (JRFs, Ph.D. students, and above) in India and abroad as NGSF members. Membership is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually. We are looking forward to having a long-term relationship with every member therefore have a flexible system of membership calculated based on the salary of the individual.
Annual NGSF membership fee= Your monthly salary/20 donated once a year
At the moment resident Indians donate > INR 1500 and overseas Indians donate > INR 7500 per year (USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia)

Join NGSF as a volunteer

We are constantly looking for bright, young, and innovative UG/PG students to volunteer at NGSF. Volunteers will work closely with NGSF members in developing, organizing, and executing all our events and activities. Volunteers will benefit from interacting with Indian life science researchers around the world and get assistance with applications to research programs.

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