NGS Authors Program

To continue supporting promising science communicators identified through Essay competition, NGSF has started NGS Authors Program since 2020. As a part of this program people interested in science communication receive a platform to showcase and hone their skills.


Promising Essay competition participants receive invitation to join NGS Authors Program


  • Access to NGSF website and editorial process for directly publishing on our blog
  • Paid promotion of published articles through NGSF social media
  • Payment of Rs.250 for every article published on NGSF Blog ( Rs.500 after 5 articles)
  • Meetings with NGSF members and other science communicators for professional development

Previous year participants:

Sukanya Chakraborty

Sukanya Chakraborty I am engaged in an undergraduate degree (BS-MS) in Biological Sciences, at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur. A few days ago, I was explaining the function of the heart as an adept pumping machine in our body, to my 9-year-old brother. After my long and rather exhausting monologue, he […]


Hello! I am Shakunthala, a new entrant into NGSF as an author. I would like to tell a few lines about myself and my thoughts on science communication in the ensuing lines. About me  I am a tiny drop looking to come out of the huge engineering ocean in India. Yes, I am in my […]

Tanaya Roychowdhury

Hi! I am Tanaya Roychowdhury, a graduate student at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology and a new member of NGSF. I would like to share my views on why we need more science communicators. The art of science communication How long will the human species survive? As one picks up the morning newspaper, such thoughts […]


I strongly believe that – “Science is for everybody, no matter who you are or where you come from.” Hey there! I am Sonali Pal, pursuing PhD in Biotechnology from Amity University, Gurugram, Haryana. Science has always mesmerized me not just in books but beyond the walls of the classroom. What I love most about […]

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