Rohan Sarkar

I am a PhD scholar, pursuing research in canine behaviour. I’m interested in the history of scientific events and discoveries and how science is often entwined with serendipity. I believe science needs to be brought out of academic fortresses and into the hands and minds of the common people. As the current pandemic has shown us, science illiteracy can wreak havoc on a global scale. By making science accessible and digestible, we are helping people take more informed decisions and think rationally. Furthermore, it humanizes the people behind the science and demystifies the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Science communication and writing lets me mix two of my favourite things-science and story-telling. Great science writing which makes you feel the joys and the disappointments of the original pioneers and gives you goosebumps,excites me and I hope to be able to share that with everyone through my writing too one day.

My mantra for science writing is 2 parts science and 3 parts fun.

My other interests include noir and hardboiled fiction, movies, and colonial history of the city I live in. Currently that’s Kolkata.

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