Srinidhi Sridhar

My name is Srinidhi Sridhar, 2nd year IMSc Life sciences student at the Central University of Tamil Nadu. I adore all animals, especially reptiles. I have a vested interest in ecology, conservation and animal behaviour, and hope to pursue one of these avenues during my phd.

Based on personal experience, I can confidently say that people, regardless of age, want to know what is happening around them, but seldom have the access or ability to learn. This leads to a cycle of misinformation that perpetuates, leading to myths becoming facts and facts becoming useless. A way to combat this is through science communicators. After all, who better to help you understand science than someone experiencing it for themselves?

My main objective is to make science understandable and relevant to the general public. Any scientific idea can be made easy, if the correct examples and applications are used. So, let’s all go onto the next great adventure, yes?

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch that illuminates the world.

Louis Pasteur

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