Sukanya Chakraborty

Sukanya Chakraborty

I am engaged in an undergraduate degree (BS-MS) in Biological Sciences, at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur.

A few days ago, I was explaining the function of the heart as an adept pumping machine in our body, to my 9-year-old brother. After my long and rather exhausting monologue, he gave me a puzzled look. “So what?”, he asked. So what, indeed. Why should we concern ourselves with elaborate and galvanic concepts in science? In this swift and dynamic world, can we really spare time to ponder on such challenging aspects? The boundaries of science seem to be expanding relentlessly. It is an enchanting journey to explore uncharted territories and spread the word for those questions that are in pursuit. I feel that this is where the beauty and indispensability of effective science communication resides.

With countless platforms at the forefront of reporting science to all, the speed with which information is transmitted today is staggering. An unfortunate repercussion of this, is the decrement in the reliability of facts. Given the opportunity to be an author at NGSF, I would strive to ensure authenticity in my articles. The idea is to emphasize the relevance of scientific results to the society and present a human picture of researchers, their trials and tribulations. The broad aim is to champion the cause of science -portray a complete picture of its dazzling thrill and fascination. Ideas and insights abound in every corner of this world and communicating our thoughts can mould a holistic, inclusive science community.

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