Twitter for Science- Roundup #1

Here is my compilation of useful/interesting twitter threads I could collect during the week

  • A list of good basic molecular biology research institutes in Europe with twitter presence. Following them should keep you informed regarding their research and job positions.
  • How to choose a grad program? Tips from Jen Heemstra, Associate Professor at Emory University and more people
  • Should undergrads be given authorship in publications? Scientists discuss,
  • It is not uncommon that people in science spend more time in the lab than they are asked for. A good discussion on how to achieve work life balance during your research career,
  • How to calculate budget and timeline of your research project?
  • A must read if you are just starting your PhD
  • A super fun thread, wherein researchers explain their research in 5 words !
  • Some food for your thought 🙂

See you in my next roundup. Let me know, how much you liked this compilation using the comments below.

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