ILN SkillStudio Events

The fast-paced scientific era evolves with novel approaches and technologies to tackle important scientific problems everyday, while a young aspiring student faintly gets to know about the resources to learn them. Hence the Indian Life Science Network devises a solution in the name of SkillStudio, wherein any amateur science enthusiast may get one’s hands on professional scientific skills and gain expertise via an array of skill-development courses and workshops……all at free!

ILN SkillStudio session #1: Introduction to Python for Research

The current decade has witnessed the inevitable need for artificial intelligence and computational data analysis in every high-end research problem, which would otherwise remain unsolved with just the seemingly adorable human brain! Computer programming languages have become a part and parcel of every data scientist working on big virtual analyses to arrive at an ensemble of results. Among the wide range of programming languages, Python becomes the first choice for any beginner in coding, for the fact that, it is freely accessible; has outspread applications and most importantly the easiest to learn!

To educate this immensely cardinal skill to our spirited neophytes, we have Mrs. Sowmya Sivasankaran, PhD candidate in Pharmaceutics, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, USA availing herself at the Indian Life Science Network, discord server on 19th September 2021. During the session, she delineates on the functionalities of few packages such as numpy, scikit-learn, pandas and matplotlib with suitable examples and thus presents an idea about how to get started with python as researchers.

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