The Sound of “Corona” music!

  • The Sound of “Corona” music!
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  • We all must have seen dozens of images of COVID19 but has anyone heard it? Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have now converted the entire structure of spike protein into a music! The different musical notes that one can hear indicate the various aspects of spike (S) protein that covers the virus. Proteins are made of amino acids. Using a process called sonification they have assigned each amino acid a musical note thus converting the entire sequence into a music. So why such an initiative? Scientists believe that this musical format would help scientists to find the specific sequences where a drug or antibody may bind! They believe that this method is more convenient and faster than conventional methods of molecular docking. For finding a match or complementarity between any two proteins we generally compare the amino acid sequences. Similarly, by comparing the musical sequence of the S protein with a large database of other sonified proteins, it might be possible to identify which proteins could bind to the S protein and prevent it from infecting our lung cells. It is really like music to the ears,Scroll down to listen!
  • Summary by: Tanaya Roychowdhury, Graduate student at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India


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